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Kim Philley Frivolous Universe FU Bangkok Asia Street Style ASS Vanessa Boots Preah Vinhear Thailand teal green jeans

Even in the land of eternal resort season, I’m beginning to feel a tipple of spring. Perhaps it’s a side effect of too much nibbling on the tall side of the mushroom, or perhaps it’s these teal green jeans (Russian Market, Phnom Penh). Here I am on Saturday, crawling through the third gopura at Preah Vihear. Preah Vihear temple is a UNESCO World Heritage site. The last I heard, UNESCO doesn’t award World Heritage status to dollhouses.

And, yes, those are Gizeh Birkenstocks–if it’s good enough for Chloë Sevigny, it’s good enough for me.

Kim Philley Frivolous Universe FU Bangkok Asia Street Style ASS Vanessa Boots Preah Vinhear Thailand teal green jeans

Unlike last Tuesday’s FU post, none of these images have been filtered, iPhotoed, or Photoshopped–who has the time for digital tomfoolery when Pedro is visiting? I tell you, that mustachioed Mexican wears me out! It all started when the kid on the Sukhumvit #511 bus asked, What are you gonna do today, Napoleon? And I said,

Nagess, Frivolous Universe, Vanessa Boots, FU, tiny Preah Vihear, nagas

Whatever I feel like I wanna do. Gosh!  I’d been doing too much of this at the office all week:

Kim Philley Frivolous Universe FU street style Asia Street Style Bangkok Thailand

It was high time I hightailed it to the Teal Green Land!

Kim Philley, Frivolous Universe, Bangkok, C&C California, teal jeans, asia street style, street style

And nothing augurs of the Ides of March like a pair of teal trousers. Mila Keln agrees:

Kim Philley Frivolous Universe FU, street fashion, A.L.C., Alexander Wang, spring is on its way, teal green, pants

A.L.C. Dot School Girl Sweater / A.L.C. Jasper Pants / Alexander Wang Liya High Heel Pumps

Kim Philley, Frivolous Universe, Asia street style, Thailand, teal green

If Alice in Wonderland has taught me anything, it’s to always carry a drug to counter the effects of drugs and that a subtly slutty outfit can take you anywhere. Just when I thought I couldn’t crawl through one more keyhole without wearing out my teal knees, I nipped from my little vial called Normalcy™. As luck would have it, I’d built up a tolerance.

Kim Philley Frivolous Universe Bangok Thailand, things that cannot be explained, FU

I’ve seen an ogress or two in my day. But if you know the backstory on this one, please email me.

Kim Philley, Frivolous Universe, business cards, Hanuman

It’s hard not to get dragged into the Ramayana. Especially when Hanuman sends you postcards.

Vanessa Boots, Kim Philley, Frivolous Universe, FU, Hanuman, Bangkok, Thailand

Pedro’s black blouse: new store called Colors in Phnom Penh; Vest & Pants: No Tag, Beong Kang Kong market, Phnom Penh; Sexy shoes: replica of the original pair from ALDO, custom-made at Beautiful Shoes, Phnom Penh; weighted silk necklace, Phnom Penh; earrings: street stall near Lumphini MRT, exit 1, Bangkok

Kim Philley, Frivolous Universe, Vanessa Boots, FU, street style, teal green jeans, Bangkok street style, Thaiand

After the diminutive dangers of Preah Vihear, I was ill-prepared for epic battle with my astrological sign!

I don’t know which one I fancy more: if China jade and teal green would duke it out for Top Dawg, it would be a showdown worthy of Sugar Ray Leonard vs. Thomas Hearns!

Frivolous Universe, FU, Bangkok, street style, teal green, China jade, jade, floating village

Frivolous Universe, FU, Jim Thompson's House, Bangkok, Thailand, Asia Street Style, Thai street style, teal green pants, mens fashion

Jim Thompson vanished without a trace into the teal-leafed Cameroonian Highlands. I think he would have loved this flash-of-teal menswear spotted at Bangkok’s Jim Thompson House.

Kim Philley, Frivolous Universe, C&C California, FU, Chinese apothecary, Thailand, Bangkok, street style, teal green

There had been a run on Normalcy™ at the apothecary; nothing left but blister packs of Insanity ™

Floral blouse: C&C California

Even Thai schoolboys feel the teal.

Kim Philley & Vanessa Boots Mini Preah Vihear, Frivolous Universe, FU, teal green, Thailand

Napoleon Dynamite to Pedro: Just follow your heart. That’s what I do. And thanks for the sweet photographs! Next time you come to Bangkok, I’ll catch you a delicious sea bass.