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Approximately one year ago, I FU‘d for the first time. Back then, I had such grand ideas about what the year ahead would bring. That I would be able to do anything, and everything, at once. That I would not trip up, and fall. Now that I am in the future also (nod to Mike Birbiglia) all I can do is laugh, at myself. In a dark and rueful sort of way.

This year was brutal, of a scorched earth variety (pack). In my life and in the lives of those around me: apocalypse in all arenas. All extant weak spots in relationships, partnerships, habits became blights that burned out the sky or broke the back of the camel, so to speak. Until nothing remains but heavy change, and a little hope for a brighter future built on firmer stuff (because really f*ck this year).

In latin, “beatus” means happy or fortunate or blissful. In the Bible, as a cruel twist of fate/root word, the Beatitudes are written for anyone but. They are written for the me, for the we. Though not religious, I now identify with the passages wrought so beautifully in iron script on the door to the Cathedral of the Rockies. Eternal maxims for rough times.

Blessed are the poor in spirit.

Blessed are the meek.

Blessed are the pure.

Blessed are the persecuted. 

Blessed are they which hunger.

Blessed are they that mourn.

Blessed are the merciful.

Blessed are the peacemakers.

Photos by the unbelievably spectacularly beautiful Bethany Walter.


Banana Republic lace camisole (thrift store $2). Anne Klein II silk tie-waist skirt (thrift store, $3). Hugo Buscati Collection red silk jacket (thrift store, $3-never worn, with original tags). Tibetan turquoise, coral and beaded breastplate ($140, Armor Bijoux, the ethnic and vintage jewelry collection by Bethany Walter). Frye Boots dorado short ($200, after $200 parental figures gift).

Now, may we embark on the journey of restoreth-ing our souls.

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I thrift store binge, followed by frequent purges. I hate to see my thin-boned closet bulging at the seams due to the fashion equivalents of high fructose corn syrup and/or grandma’s homemade but overindulgent cookies.  Sometimes, you just change your mind on what you want in your life. And then sometimes, you change it back again.

Take this dress. (No wait, don’t.) I bought it at a Portland Buffalo Exchange a few years ago, and it was buried in my gots-to-go pile that my mom and my sister were recently rooting through in search of things a normal person might wear. When my mom saw this dress, she said so sweetly, “I don’t think I want to wear something with a pattern that looks like a couch or drapes, and is that slip supposed to be showing?”

And I thought, “Duh. Why would I give away something silk with a pattern that looks like a couch or drapes, and has a slip intentionally showing.” Mine. Mine! I may have broken up with this dress, but now I’ve really fallen for it.

Because with one slip intentionally showing, why not try two? I bought this beautiful pink slip on a thrift store trip a few weeks ago with Bethany. It livens up this dress in just the right way. The both were begging to be two timed.

Cindy Says heels: sale $60 (Original MSRP: $120, Piece Unique & Shoez)

 Armor Bijoux antique Afghanistani silver and glass necklace ($$$).

Hey, this dress is kind of an underdog, don’t you think? Cough. Awkward segway to…

Story Story Night‘s next show is coming up on MONDAY, August 27 with UNDERDOG: Stories of Long Shots, with fantastic featured storytellers Tracy Sunderland, Margaux Reed, and Al Popwell, followed by feats of wonder in the story slam.

Priority seating tickets are only $7. Each ticketholder now gets a free drink special at our Afterparty at Red Feather Lounge and Bittercreek. Gold! Best deal/good times in town.

Happy endings, all around.

Photography by Bethany Walter.


Dan and I went back to Rocky Mountain Ranch in the Sawtooth Valley on Friday for another wedding. We’d been planning on departing for a 2 week road trip to Minnesota right from this gig, and had been packing all morning when Dan got the news that the gig started a few hours earlier than he had supposed. So we frantically threw stuff in the car, but we made it, with most of our stuff in tow. Right before the ceremony started.

Phew. It was a lovely wedding with an adorable music-loving British couple on a destination wedding with their closest loved ones. Absolutely fabulous.

Mac & Jac silk dress ($10-on clearance from original $100 MSRP) Macy’s (when I used to shop the sales racks at department stores). Steve Madden bondage sandals (Ross Dress for Less).

We only remembered one hat, so Dan and I traded off wearing this cheap but functional white plastic molded cowboy hat we bought for me at the River City Dry Goods for $1.25.

The sky was thick with fire smoke, but the pond below the wedding hill was still beautiful.

As is Dan, thoroughly.

And as was the dessert. Huuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhh…

I ended up playing ping pong with the preteens of the group. Kids and I have a lot of goofy energy in common, and we get along swimmingly. They are my kind of wedding party.

In sum: Always a groupie, never a bride.

Just the way I like it.