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I don’t know what it is about Russia – It probably has something to do with the horribly oppressive laws that still put people in jail for speaking against the government (see: Pussy Riot) – but Russia has historically put out phenomenal literature (Dostoevsky, Solzhenitsyn, Bulgakov) and, more recently, spectacular fashion. Above from left to right, designer Ulyana Sergeenko, editor Miroslava Duma, model Elena Perminova, and designer Vika Gazinskaya demonstrate all things wise and wonderful about Russian aesthetics. Fresh, bold, and ballsy, Miroslava, Elena and Vika are all wearing Vika’s designs. Ulyana dons her own nostalgic creations.

These women are so utterly perfect in their fashion sense that I will address them each individually in future blogs, but, for now, observe them in their natural state – exponentially increasing each others’ visual impact by appearing in public together.

Seriously, what is it about Russians?


Stylist and fashion consultant Ada Kokosar always surprises me. She never seems to echo any current runway trends in her style, but marches (as Hanneli Mustaparta put it) to the beat of her own drum. She anchors her outfit in minimalistic neutrals before going off the deep end with the most unexpected shapes and texture combinations. I love the contrast of three shiny black textures in the above outfit. Below, harem pant with a boxy, asymmetrical jacket… it’s so chic, it hurts.

I’m so over summer, I might as well be orbiting earth for these last few weeks of heat. I would prefer the chill of space over another summer tennis skirt. Give me boxy silhouettes and loafers! I just bought a plain long-sleeve white silk shirt at ReStyle that is stiff as a paper bag. I can’t wait to pair it with a straight skirt and imitate Ada’s above-it-all style. Unsexy and untrendy to the max.

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Pictures from Stockholm Streetstyle, Trendy Crew, Hanneli Mustaparta, and Easy Fashion.


The first whiff of fall is on the air. When I go thrifting, all I want to try on is a vintage wool skirt, crisp collared shirt, and sash-tied trench coat. Unfortunately, when I leave the thrift store, it is still too hot to wear anything but one item outfits.  I am putting off my cravings for layers by drooling over pictures of Esther Quek at Paris Men’s Fashion Week in her impeccably-tailored, menswear-inspired digs.

Esther is one of my fashion role models. Group Fashion Director of men’s fashion magazine, The Rake, she uses classic masculine shapes in charming feminine prints or offset by pops of color. Always styled down to the details, details, details. I hope to do a lot more menswear inspired looks in my fall 2012 wardrobe.

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Photos from Vanessa Jackman, Style Tao, Lee Oliveira Street Style, and Quite Continental.