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For her there were only two times: dawn and dusk.

At dusk she would take her insomnia to the old post office. She was dead tired of striving and crisis! She wanted to live in the land of Blake-light and emptiness, of PO boxes stuffed with gold doubloons, of civic hallways in which only her footfalls echoed back.

For her, the illogic and moral relativism of fairy tales had long felt true to life. The bony witch is named Esmerelda. You will find a cat that will try and scratch your eyes out–you must give it some ham. You will find hounds that will try and eat your feet–you must feed them some rolls. Having her expectations upended is what kept her moving.

Forward, backward, under, over. She had been waiting her whole life for something good to happen from which there would be no turning back.

“The creative struggle, my heart to your cause,” his text message read.

Hands were both alien and sexy. She worried she could not focus on more than one thing. She could either sleep or await his letter.

The deep lines in her face were from looking away. Suddenly, they were getting shorter. When his letter arrived it wasn’t a letter at all but a wax cylinder. There were two short lyrics penned on the plain brown wrapper: “They blew on the wax while I was singing. They blew on it and my voice stayed.”

Photography by Bethany Walter

hand of Fatima necklace: Morocco; batik skirt: vintage 70s, Jakarta; cashmere tanktop: charity shop, London; ballet flats: J. Crew; gold ring: who knows



Leave it to the Welsh to have a word for it. Hiraeth: (n.) a homesickness for a home to which you cannot return, a home which maybe never was; the nostalgia, the yearning, the grief for the lost places of your past.

In the sunset of dissolution, Kundera wrote, everything is illuminated by the aura of nostalgia, even the guillotine.

Kim Philley

It’s Thanksgiving week in the U.S., and many of us are homeward bound. We’re wrapping up work and boarding planes, trains, and borrowed cars–transmigrating worlds. Which is greater, Buddha asked, the tears you have shed while transmigrating and wandering this long, long time–crying and weeping from being joined with what is displeasing, being separated from what is pleasing–or the water of the four great oceans?

Kim Philley

This is greater, Buddha answered, the tears you have shed while wandering on.

Kim Philley

I’m still addicted to the wandering on, to samsara, to the world of fabrications. I stumbled upon this immaculate cashmere and wool coat in a Boise consignment store; when I saw it was lined in pale lavender silk with leather-cuffed arms long enough for Gumby, I had to have it.

I believe in warmth and style for the wayfaring–for the long commutes to the homes we cannot keep but are with us now.



 fabulous photographer: Bethany Walter

Wool-cashmere blend coat with lavender silk lining: Liakes (Piece Unique consignment, Boise); jeans: Rich & Skinny (Fancy Pants, Boise); batik top: Anthropologie; Cece suede ballet flats: J. Crew; snakeskin belt: Bangkok vintage; jade earrings & jade ring: vintage


Kelly: Dis ma new coat. It reminds me of Ms. Onassis. Rest assured, I will not wear it with nearly so much class and dignity. In fact, I might cut out dignity altogether. Jackie Oh no she did not get that for eight dollars!

Nicole: While Kelly sasses up her class, I’m gonna class up my trash.  I think it’s quite possible my newly thrifted leather bustier once belonged to a 90’s hooker.

K: I got this coat with Kim and Bethany in Mountain Home last week. We hit up St. Vincent’s something fierce, and I walked away with this union-made, mink-collared beauty. And yes, I was for real, only $7.99. Scores like this make the hand-cramps that come from carrying too many hangers at a thrift store all worthwhile.

N: Not to mention the gross gray hanger fingers…eww.

N: Friday was my 25th birthday (who-hoo! Quarter of a century!), so got myself a prezie! I picked up the bustier from Vice Versa on Bedford, because really, what screams “every day I wake up it feel like my fucking birfday” quite like white leather?

K: My birthday isn’t for another month, so it was a wonderful surprise when Bethany gave me this jangley Middle Eastern necklace last week. I marvel at Bethany’s unflinching generosity. She inspires me to be more willing to part with my treasures. I love how this necklace reads like elaborate costume jewelry and makes music whenever I move. I also love the contrast of skinny jeans, suede shirt, and bold antique silver next to such a soft, ladylike coat.

N: Kelly designed and made me this ah-mazing beaded fringe necklace for our 10 year boo-iversary.  I love how it modernized my ultra-90’s high-waisted pants and bustier combo. I also love how the blue really pops against the solid red bottom half and otherwise red and white palate.

K: Our day trip to Mountain Home was much-needed salve for my soul. The cold landscape, hot tea, gracious hosts, and pickled eggs gave me clarity and perspective in an otherwise trying time in my life.

N: I am jealous of your escapade and the awesome scores and photos that came with it.  Luckily for me my roommate and I are going upstate today to do a little thrifting.  The hurricane has really turned the flow of the city upside down in every way.  While I am  grateful to have made it through the storm with nothing but an inconvenient commute for a few days, it will still be nice to get away from this crazy town for an afternoon.  Pictures to come of what we find!

K: Just don’t blow your wad before I get there on December 1st, mmmmkay?

N: Not unless it’s buying something for your December 2nd birthday!

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