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I don’t get sick very often (unless I am drinking wine, then it is a morning-time certainty; if only I would remember that lesson about the doom of repeated history), but I’ve realized that when I do fall ill my fashion sense follows under-the-weather guidelines, such as: “What is warm?” and also “What is easy to put on?” and sometimes “What does not make me want to puke?”The answer: this. If I drank less wine last night at the Serious Bad Ass Writing Club I would find each garment on the floor and tell you their brand names. But I can start from rock bottom (as usual) with green wool hiking socks and Frye boots.
The underlayer, a faux animal print in orange and gray, is over a cream Kenzie wool blend knit sweater. (You may remember this from O Holey Night.)

The wool skirt is from a thrift store. I originally thought it was too big for me but it looks pretty great hitting right at the calf, and keeps me warm as poop.
Unintentionally, my slip kept slipping past my hemline, which ended up adding to the whole effect.
See, fashion is also for the sick, and the self-destructive. (Sometimes simultaneously.) To your health!

The carpet bag is a gift from Kim and Thailand that I now take everywhere. I’ll explain the magic of it later.

The pictures are from the future-famous filmmaker/screenwriter Jason Willford, love of Kelly.