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Nicole: I’m pretty sure that vintage tennis skirts are one of our greatest thrift store discoveries.  They are the perfect bottom for 90% of summer activities.

Kelly: Agreed! I have two, one with triangles and circles and sailboats(?) in primary colors and this black and white checked number. Pleated polyester perfection.

N: I have two as well, a solid blueish-purple tennis skirt that is a great faux neutral, and this totally awesome 90’s (?) one from Tail.

N: I wore my skirt on many a river bike ride last summer.  Including the one that ended me in a rainy, bloody bike accident…

K: Yes, it was so rainy and bloody she couldn’t stop laughing. I took this picture as we waited in the emergency room. Shortly thereafter, we decided that I could dress her bloody head wound and save her $500 on a bandage. Nicole was very brave while I applied hydrogen peroxide with a q-tip.

N: What a good friend to play Florence Nightingale to her bloody, in shock boo.

K: You’re funny when you’re in shock. What were we talking about? Oh yeah, tennis skirts. They don’t stain! Even with blood or river mud. I love the hidden rainbow ribbon detail. Not sure where this little cross-stitched purse came from, but I crocheted my beaded friendship bracelet.

N: And made me two matching ones!  They coordinate perfectly with my vintage neon swim top which coordinates perfectly with the yellow stripe at the bottom of my skirt.

K: Yeah, I got to give you props on the color palette. It all ties together.

N:  As a swimsuit cover-up, a vintage (or non-vintage) tennis skirt makes a much more interesting outfit than a sarong, is more comfortable over a wet suit than denim shorts and dries quicker than either of them.  Score!

K: I love these shitty pleather 90s loafers. Hopefully, I’ll figure out how to recreate this borrowed beaded anklet. Friendship anklets?

N: Highlighter yellow swimsuit top courtesy of the lovely ladies at  A Little Wicked.   View of Manhattan courtesy of my awesome roof top.  Perfect for sunbathing, yoga and FU photo shoots.

K: My American Apparel bandeau bikini top (worn with halter strap) is the only item I purchased new. Everything else was thrifted dirt cheap. Our insane hairstyle is what you get when you wash your hair with a bar of soap, and we love it.

Nicole's Ass

N: Everything I’m wearing is thrifted, including the matching Liz Claiborne belt and shoes.  Oddly enough, not bought on the same trip or at the same store.

K: Then again, neither were our vintage tennis skirts, both by TAIL, both from the ’90s. These things do happen!

N: Proof that thrifting is magical.

Thrifting is even more magical than the Opera Ghost.


Lord knows what Knuckle is up to. She’s probably on her way back from carousing on Coney Island. Fortunately, I’ve got a triple-serving of Spring floral to satisfy you. Outfit number one (pictured above) was worn to a friend’s wedding in Katheryn Albertson Park, photographed by Jason. Outfit “B” (for below) was worn because I will take any excuse to show my midriff this Spring, even if it’s just to pick up a left behind belt at a friend’s house.

And the last outfit was thrown on in anticipation of a photo-shoot, and is, in reality, not comfortable for around-the-town wear. (So shoot us, sometimes we fudge for the photo-friendly.)

My trice vibrant floral plus my forearm tattoo of Rocky Mountain wildflowers by Sean Wyett at Black Cat Tatoo make me think of these photographs by Peruvian artist, Cecilia Paredes.

Cecilia paints the floral prints on her skin, then photographs herself against the corresponding wallpaper (or whatever).

I made a major run to the Good Samaritan Store last week. That’s where I got the vintage embroidered maxi dress and floral polyester kimono. Everything I bought that day was covered in exuberant flowers.

The purple floral crop top is self-made, but perfectly matches the pink and purple floral shorts I found last season.

I made the beaded necklace and cuff by modifying bead stitches from the African Zulu tribe. The Boise Public Library rocks.

The reason I would probably never wear this outfit for reals is these sandals. They are stupid-uncomfortable, but so cute! The photographer, Anna D. and I both love a color palette with red and blue competing for top billing.

Jason took these pictures on Shay and Heather’s patio. I’m pretty sure Shay mildly mocked me for it.

I hope Anthony and Michelle live happily every after. I know this vintage dress and I will…

Be as delicate and gay
As a cherry flower in May.

-Dorothy Parker



On Tuesday I had a first meeting with a client to do contract graphic design. Originally I was going to wear a yellow folk style dress but changed my mind last minute. Looking overly soft and feminine is not the first impression I like to make in professional situations or on dates. I don’t want my physical appearance to overshadow my creativity and personality. So instead, I looked to the working woman fashion icon Mary Tyler Moore for my outfit inspiration: 70’s high-waisted wide leg pants, large lapels, and heels.

Recently I’ve watched my first few episodes of the Mary Tyler Moore Show. The TV series started in 1970 and was the first TV show where the central character was an unmarried working woman. I’m surprised to find that I love the show. There is lots of fashion inspiration and forward social commentary. (Interesting side note: Mary Tyler Moore’s character on the show wore outfits more than once because she was a working woman.)

Vintage 70s blue polyester high-waisted pants: no tag, thrift store
Vintage 70s tunic top: home sewn, thrift store
Leather belt: thrift store

Even though this is no longer the 70s, I can relate to Mary Tyler Moore’s character. She moved to Minneapolis to purse her career as an assistant news producer. This was after a failed relationship and putting her career on hold to support her boyfriend through medical school.

Just over a year ago, I chose my passions and career over a guy. I learned in relationships it is easy to confuse love with self sacrifice. This way of thinking is not sustainable if one is to be happy. The best relationship are those where two people’s goals can coexist and they support each other to achieve them.

embroidered bag, large silver ring from Afghanistan

Embroidered tote bag: no tag, thrift store

I can also relate to Mary Tyler Moore’s character working during the women’s movement. It could not have been easy to go against the cultural expectations that women should be married and in the home. Since the current economic depression, I am part of the movement of self-employment. People are no longer relying on the system of working for the man and are taking control of their own employment.

Heels: Gianni Bini, Dillard’s

Vintage ethnic silver earrings: Afghanistan, from Armor Bijoux
Vintage large silver ring: Afghanistan, from Armor Bijoux

Photographer: Anna V. Demetriades

Mary Tyler Moore I like you.